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Cyber Forensics Lab Report 3

Project type

Cyber Forensics Lab Research 3





The recent forensic analysis of the workstations of Tom Warner, Senior Sales Manager, and Leslie Stowle, Finance Manager, has provided evidence suggesting a potentially inappropriate relationship between the two employees. This discovery may warrant further investigation to ensure the best interests of Polytechnic Software Corporation.

Key findings from the analysis include

Frustration over lack of promotion: Tom Warner expressed his anger and frustration with Stacey Price's decision not to promote him in an email to Leslie Stowle.

Frequent lunch meetings: The email exchanges between Tom and Leslie revealed that they often went out for lunch together, with responses indicating a level of familiarity beyond a professional relationship.

Trip planning: The two employees discussed plans to go on a trip together, which implies a personal relationship outside of work.

Similar email addresses: Leslie Stowle created an email account with an address similar to Tom Warner's ("sweetdog918" and "hotdog918"), indicating a personal connection between them.

Congratulatory email: Leslie Stowle congratulated Tom Warner on his promotion and accepted his lunch invitation, further confirming their close relationship.

The presence of DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke), a free, open-source data removal program designed to securely erase a hard disk until data is removed and no longer recoverable.

Given the findings, it is recommended that the company considers further investigation into the matter to ensure the continued trustworthiness of both employees and to maintain the best interests of Polytechnic Software Corporation.

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